Long Time No See!

Really long time no see! Many people have been asked where we have been for the last few months and what we are doing now. We feel much appreciated and moved for your concern! It really happened a lot in the past few months. There were so much we wanted to share with you. With laughter and tears, finally we make it. And finally, we got some time to share the progress we had made with you.

First, there are some personnel changes in our team. In the middle of 2014, Eric and James have left our team for further education. We feel really regretful for their left, since they had devoted a lot to our project and to the whole team. But people’s life plans and goals vary. Although they are no longer our team members, their endeavor and contribution still needs to be remembered. We sincerely hope that everything goes well with Eric and James.

However, due to this, we were short of hands for a few months. All the work had to be done by two of us. We barely had time to update the blog or reply to emails in time, which made us feel awful. We are really sorry if you once contacted us but got no response. Fortunately, things are getting better and better now. Gradually more and more people have joined our team, including some excellent talents abroad. We will try our best to make uArm better and better.

Second, our work place has moved. We moved from the distant suburb to an official office, and spent a few months decorating out new office. We were only small team, so we had to do everything by ourselves, including designing, contacting decoration workers, purchasing finishing materials, bargaining and supervising during the decoration, etc. Although painstaking, but we felt worth it. It really feel like a fresh start and everything just started from a new scratch.







Last but the most important, we have made some progress on our product! The first version of our new product—Metallic uArm has come out. Some of you have already purchased it. We know it is not so perfect for now, so if you have advice or suggestions, please feel free to share with us anytime. And many of you have been asking about the software, which is also what we are doing. The software are being developed and testing. We will try to release them as soon as we can.

We felt confused once, but we are back on track now and our goals are more and more clear. We have many plans for 2015. Your concern and support, even criticism, make our team and uArm more mature and stronger. Thanks for everyone who cares about uArm! We believe there will be more splendid work in the upcoming future.


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  • yang February 12, 2015 at 10:13 am

    great! 祝你们越来越好


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