3WD Omni-Directional Robot Chassis


The 3WD Omni-Directional Robot Chassis is a 3 wheels drive mobile robot chassis with omni-directrional wheels. It can move in any direction without turn by controlling the velocity and direction of the omni-directional wheel. More flexible and more stable.

The main part of the chassis is made by 3 encoder motors, 3 motor brackets, 6 omni-directrional wheels and an Acrylic plate.

What’s more, you can also use these materials with 3 motor holders to build a frame of the ball balancing robot as the following picture shows.

Add one Acrylic plate on the chassis.
IMG_9925 IMG_9923

Add two Acrylic plates on the chassis.
IMG_9920 IMG_9919

So then you can add your own micro-controller such as an Arduino, the motor drivers and some other electronic modules on it to build your own Omni-Directional Robot.

This is just the mechanical chassis, more electronic modules will be added and more video of this robot will be updated.

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