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New Graphical User Interface (GUI) in progress!

A new software for uArm is on its way. It’s a visual programming language that combines basic uArm movement controls, learning mode, and heavy emphasis on easy-to-use computer vision. Our aim is to make it easier for EVERYONE to develop and share their creative projects with uArm.

Let’s have a glance at the new GUI!

You may wonder:
Compared to the current uClient, what differences will this new GUI make?


1. Simply Drag, Drop, and Play, without Coding

By dragging the the icons, users are able to not only modify the basic controls of uArm movement (position, order, time, speed, etc.), but also use logic (variables, loops, python scripts, etc.).


2. Embedded Computer Vision

GUI Tracking screenshot
With built-in computer vision algorithm, this new software gives uArm sight. Besides detecting and picking up objects, uArm is able to do much more with a camera. We’ll keep that secret for now.


3. Standard Programming Platform

You can even program directly in python using this software. What’s more, it may serve as a standard programming platform which allows developers to run programs written by anyone else, on any operation system.

 More to Come !

What do you expect ? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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