Counting Down! We Have Checked In and Set Our Booth Today #Maker Faire Bay Area 2016

Hey friends,

We checked in Maker Faire Bay Area this morning, and set our booth at Redwood Hall, Zone 7. Come hang out with us on May 20-22, and our booth number is RW78. I promise you won’t get tired exploring UFACTORY world.

It’s sunny today, and the UFACTORY team is heading out to our booth now. Here we go!

See, we got our name card for sponsors!

Honestly, we spent a lot of time setting up our booth, including well-designed murals, banners, swag and of course some demos, and we’d like to know what you think about our setup. Comment and share your opinion right now!

Our classic product, the uArm Metal, is going to be performing some interesting demos tomorrow. For more details, please keep up to date with our blog, Facebook (@UFACTORY), Twitter (@UFACTORY_UF), and our Instagram (@UFACTORYOFFICIAL) at the same time.

GOOD NEWS! If you come to our booth tomorrow, we will tell you some concepts about our upcoming product, a robot which can help you shoot videos like a pro. We are interested in hearing your thoughts on the new product and to help us make it better. Also, you’d better visit our new website (www.ufactory.cc) and subscribe to keep informed of the latest news.

That’s all for today. Good night, and see you tomorrow!


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