simon with uarm

uArm Team meets “Queen of Shitty Robot” in Shenzhen

First of all, happy women’s day! Our lovely ladies must be proud of themselves. Nowadays women are more confident, independent, hard-working and full of inspiring ideas of their own life.

simon with uarm

Last night, Simone, the crazy cute Swedish girl was sharing her stories of why it is so important to build the useless things, how she starts making and becomes a funny “Shitty Robert Queen”.

Couldn’t stop laughing? Simone was curious about building a robot in her childhood, but she didn’t know how to make it. She made a “wood Robert”, even nobody regards it as a Robert. “It is alive! ”She said excitedly. “Looking back, my wood Robert, it seems growing up in some way, and I am growing up, too. I don’t think it’s even qualified to be a Robert, but here is the thing when I was young, nobody expects me to build useful things and I didn’t expect myself to make Roberts.”

The point is she really wants to make her ideas come true, so she needs to prototype them. Most people think she has engineering background but she is SELF-TAUGHT both software and hardware, getting started with Arduino. And this brings in her the second point of making useless things, learning by doing. The best way to learn how to build things is by making it. I can see her cheeks turns cherry at that moment. She really had fun in this, and this definitely helps her keep motivated with facing challenges and solving problems.

Why she is so inventive? “Idea first and tools later.”This is a fresh thought that resonates and  inspires us there. You can see this is an opposite way compared with most education situations. We learned a lot however we even don’t get the idea. But what really drives her get to her destinations are ideas. With her fun makes, she realizes that ideas can be tested only by making them out. Good ideas would probably lead to a bad result and bad idea could turn into have a good result vice versa. This sounds interesting. Your idea is smarter than you!

menla Have you ever realized Mona Lisa has no eye-brow? Bingo! You can help her! However, if you draw it like this pic… Your idea proves to be a BAD one.

However, when you just have fun and make a tooth brush robo-arm like this–

This Toothbrush machine attracts organisations’ attention it is helpful for disabled people. Of course, this is a great idea but you never know, until you tried by yourself. Again, your idea is smarter than you.

This is really helpful and redefined what is called a great idea. As you can see, it is the out of box use of robotic arm and this what uArm is dedicated to inspire this community to make more.

We do love her sharing spirit.  

If you find one thing that you do interesting, there are probably other people do too. Maybe Simone’s case is a little bit extreme, but it is a very nice way to share and connect with others.

Last night, there are other two inspiring women there, Åsa Moum & Marie Claire Maxwell. They realized the potential in bringing Sweden and China closer together and co-founded Makerresan.. Actually, Simone is one of the creative makers in this group trip from Sweden to Shenzhecn, China. During the conversation, they think the growing popularity of the Maker Movement in Shenzhen and Sweden are the same and Chinese has similar mentality as Swedish, like private entrepreneurs are leading the tide. They also can see the differences and where both sides makers and entrepreneurs can co-work with, for example, Swedish are good at design and innovative thinking, while Chinese are great in production and Tech thinking.

Both of them have worked in China before. Asa enjoys helping people and making things happen—especially things that haven’t been done before and Maria Claire was nominated “mother hero” of the year in Sweden in 2011. They organize this maker and entrepreneurs trip to emerge both sides and cooperation.

I asked these three extraordinary ladies how did they make this happen. Simone said, she tried not to talk much a lot about this when been asked. “It is a benefit to be a girl, and a lot of good things about it so make fully use of that. This is really not a big thing. Often it is waste time to talk much about this and just do what you want to do, focus on being an engineer, building projects!

Here uArm team is  looking forward your great projects and content to share with others too! Make, contribute, share and connect with others!



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