Do you like this pen holder?

Speaking of uArm, an open- source robotic arm, there are so many scenarios that can be found such as writing or drawing, which not merely enrich the amount of use-cases but also add enjoyment and practicability to it.

The initial idea was casually thought up by one of co-founders, Tony. Accordingly, we designed a rough pen-holder by using 3D printer immediately.



The model has a very simple structure: Put the pen into the cylinder half-opened structure; tighten the pen up by locking one side of the screws to make the half-opened circle ring tight. We posted the scheme online and wondered if someone would like this gadget. Unexpectedly, many uArm fans showed us their interest in this pen-holder via emails or messages. Hence we realized we need to improve and perfect our current structure.

After several prototypes and adjustments, we finally made this following structure:


  1. Concealed Position. As the end-effector, you may not see the overall appearance of the pen-holder since it’s skillfully hidden under the 4th servo motor. The end-effector and the motor seem like a unified entity at first glance, The end-effector allows people to clamp the pen around 7~15 mm for Most of common pens are suitable to it.
  2. Easy to use. You only need to slide the red button and put in all kinds of pens, which will be easily clamped.
  3. Delicate details. We actually get what we want in design effect. Sandblasted, oxygenized and diamond-cut the aluminum alloy. The appearance looks simple but you can also find it steady and superior.


It looks not bad! Afterwards we’ll also silk-screen the logo unto it to make it look much better! Do you like it?


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      Thank you 😀


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