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Robot GUI Tracking Example gif2

New Graphical User Interface (GUI) in progress!

A new software for uArm is on its way. It’s a visual programming language that combines basic uArm movement controls, learning mode, and heavy emphasis on easy-to-use computer vision. Our aim is to make it easier for EVERYONE to develop and share their creative projects with uArm. Let’s have a glance at the new GUI! You may wonder: Compared to…

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Keep hard working!!!

Two weeks have pasted, we worked hard day and night, try our best to make sure we can send all the bakers’ rewards kits can in time on May. Let’s see what we have done till now and what’s the next step. Got all the mechanical parts, both the Acrylic and wood, from the factory, too heavy to carry. Make…

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UFactory Team on Shenzhen Maker Faire 2014

Last week, UFactory Team took part in Shenzhen Maker Faire 2014. A big party for us. Let’s go to see more details. Evan Deng Loeve Le Eric Wang Introduce uArm to Chris Anderson. To tell a great news, we will take part in Bay Area Maker Faire on May 17 & 18, 2014. Meet us there to see more awesome…

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Prepare for manufacturing

After two weeks of hard work, we got most of the components of uArm. The manufacturing of the Acrylic and wood parts will start soon. About the components we got now: We offer three different kinds of plugs for the power supply, you can choose the appropriate one that can be used in your countries in the surveys that we…

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Improvements!!! Both in mechanical and electronic!!!

It has been a long time that we haven’t made any noice here in our blog. March is coming today, just have two monthes for us to prepare for our Kickstarter rewards. To tell the good news, we have moved to a new place now, which is near a big electronic market (Deep Shajing Elec. City). We also purchase a…

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The uArm just got smarter!

We have just sketched out a new function for the uArm which allows you to simply dragging it around as the uArm records the critical coordinates for later playback! With this function, you can now TEACH the uArm to accomplish simple tasks without writing a single line of code, or even connecting to your computer! NOTED: The algorithms is still…

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Using mouse to control uArm

Right now we have already developed a Windows application that allows the uArm to be controlled with keyboard or mouse. Using mouse to control uArm to play Cup Stacking via serial. We are currently working with the Android and IOS apps as well, so you can control the uArm via Bluetooth as well.

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Our Kickstarter Campaign for uArm Has Been Launched

After a month of hard working, our Kickstarter campaign for uArm has been launched today. Click here to see the whole project. We are grateful to the people who help us a lot for this project. Thank Fan Zhang for helping us as the Marketing Advisor. Thank Michael Barrett for dubbing our video. Thank Chunqiu Wang, Heather Wang, Andrew L.…

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The uArm shield is coming

After the development of a few versions of the electronic modules, we have made the first design of uArm shiled. uArm shield a shield for Arduino to drive the vacuum pump and the servos. In additional, the power supply board will be on the shield, too. Today we got the sample board of uArm shield and have made some tests…

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