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3WD Omni-Directional Robot Chassis

The 3WD Omni-Directional Robot Chassis is a 3 wheels drive mobile robot chassis with omni-directrional wheels. It can move in any direction without turn by controlling the velocity and direction of the omni-directional wheel. More flexible and more stable. The main part of the chassis is made by 3 encoder motors, 3 motor brackets, 6 omni-directrional wheels and an Acrylic…

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Simple 2WD Robot Chassis

A small CNC machine is useful when you want to make something mechanical parts by yourself for your robot or other structures. Recently, I have got a small one for myself and use it to make a simple 2WD Robot Chassis quickly.   Firstly I have got a PVC board for the main part. Then I need two DC motors…

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