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Robot GUI Tracking Example gif2

New Graphical User Interface (GUI) in progress!

A new software for uArm is on its way. It’s a visual programming language that combines basic uArm movement controls, learning mode, and heavy emphasis on easy-to-use computer vision. Our aim is to make it easier for EVERYONE to develop and share their creative projects with uArm. Let’s have a glance at the new GUI! You may wonder: Compared to…

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The vision based pick-and-place with uArm

Recently, most of the queries we hear from you are about the vision based applications of uArm, like the object recognition, camera-uArm correlation, etc. Actually we have worked on that for a period of time.   We have conducted a simple vision based pick-and-place project with uArm, where uArm and the camera are set up independently of each other. In…

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uArm`s performance on just ended Hong Kong ‪Maker Faire‬ 2015

Last weekend, We joined the Hong Kong ‪Maker Faire‬ 2015.  This show was more closer to something that was not difficult but funny, and you were encouraged to do something you could by yourself. So there were many children and their parents coming here to enjoy the show. uArm was very popular with lovely children the very day,also interesting in “big children”. All of them was full of curiosity and…

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